What are WallStudz?

Life-sized images on a high-quality, self-adhesive material that will stick to your wall without any nails, tacks, screws, or other adhesives that will damage walls. It can be re-positioned after it has been placed.

Is the material used wall safe?

Our material is wall safe. It is easy to apply, remove and then reapply somewhere else and will not leave a messy residue or lose its tackiness. Works best on clean, smooth, painted surfaces.

Where can I use WallStudz?

They work great in dorm rooms, kids’ rooms, locker rooms, offices, as athletic awards, or gifts, for parties and other special occasions. Just about anything. The possibilities are endless!

How long will they last?

We use a premier print shield on all of our products that will greatly help in resisting UV light fading.

AnyWall-AnyRoom-FrontGraphicWhat is the process my WallStud will go through?

Place your order. Be sure to include specific instructions.  The more information we are provided, the better chance we have to give you exactly what you want! Upload YOUR photo. You can order an optional proof. This is where we send you a copy of what your WallStud will look like. At this point you can no longer cancel your order. You can make any changes prior to printing. Printing and cutting out Your WallStud. (We will only print your WallStud after we receive either an emailed, written or verbal OK of the proof. Delivery to you via your choice of method from the options offered on the order form.

What file types we accept?

We are capable of working with a wide variety of different file types. If for whatever reason we are unable to work with the file type that you have sent us, we will ask you to send it in a different file format.  Generally your digital camera will take a .jpg file. That will be great for us. If you are looking to have a club, company or business logo created to a Wall Studz and you need to request the the artwork, please ask for VECTOR ART in the form of a .AI or .EPS file. Any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly at: graphics@wallstudz.com

What kind of image quality do we need?

The better the picture, the better WallStudz we are able to produce. Please take into consideration that, although your overall picture may be big enough to enlarge to the size you want, the smaller portion of it that you want cropped out may not be. We want to make the best WallStudz that we are capable of, and that starts with the image. See our quality chart in the Reference Gallery for ease in determining what size image we need for the WallStud you desire!  Please feel free to email us your picture if you need help!  sales@wallstudz.com

Do we print pictures taken by professional photographers?

Yes! We will print professional photographs but ONLY with a release from the photographer.

What is your Return Policy?

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. However, keep in mind that this is a custom order. Once the Proof is approved, there are no refunds. Please ask ahead if you have any questions about our products.

What payment methods do we accept?

At this time, we are only accepting payment through Paypal. You do NOT need to have a Paypal account to use this secured payment gateway.

Any other questions or concerns? You can contact us directly at: graphics@wallstudz.com.