Gallery of Ideas


WallStudz are a great idea for:

  • Businesses who are at trade shows or in a temporary location and want to show their logo/identity
  • Dorm rooms, kids rooms, play rooms, basements with a sports theme
  • Daycares, business offices, schools
  • For photographers to offer as a package deal for sporting events, teams and organizations
  • To give as gifts

Our graphics department can come up with an original customized creation for you. For things such as a:

  • Shower: Bridal, Baby
  • Anniversary party (with images of┬áthen and now)
  • Birthday party, holiday party, event party or gathering
  • Photos of friends, events or organization collage into one design
  • Your limit to your imagination…

Idea Categories

  • Miusic-Gallery-IdeaAnimals
  • Kid’s Room (themes)
  • Music (notes or instruments)
  • Nature
  • Sports (Capture your child in a great ACTION shot?)
  • Motorsports
  • Street Art
  • Business Logos
  • Vacation Locations
  • School Classrooms
  • Holiday Theme Decorations
  • Word Art for your Walls

The ideas are endless……